Friday, April 6, 2012

Wanna-be Runner

One of my fitness goals is to become a runner. I'm not talking about becoming one of those people that run marathons every other month, I just want to start running on a regular basis. Sounds simple enough, right? It probably would be if I wasn't so out of shape. So, here begins one of my journeys. I'm going to start small, just getting into the habit of hitting the treadmill every day. Over time, I want to build up my endurance and possibly run a few 5k's for different charitable causes. I'm hoping to use this blog as an accountability tool, and as a sort of virtual journal where I can track my progress, setbacks, and any other issues that come up during this particular journey. Today, I decided to gauge my endurance by banging out a mile on the treadmill. The number that you see on the display is that mile plus my cool down walk. What you don't see is my time, I actually finished the mile portion in 15:03. What I'm most proud of is the fact that I ran for a full 12 minutes after my 3 minute warm-up. My ultimate goal is to be able to run for a full 30 minutes without having to stop and walk. I don't think I'm off to that bad of a start. Now if only I can stick with it...

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